• Image of Crypt Trip: Rootstock

Crypt Trip returns for their second album titled: Rootstock

The blues is at the root of all of the rock music we listen to today be it crushing black metal, classic rock, heavily fuzzed stoner or swirling psych. If you take the time to look hard enough you will find it, sometimes glaringly obvious, sometimes hidden under a tsunami of heavy riffage. but its always there. Some bands celebrate their bluesy influences others prefer to deny them and some bands like Crypt Trip take them and use them as a launchpad into newer waters, twisting the blues around and around like an old flannel wringing out their essence to add to a melting pot full of other essences to create something new and exciting that although rooted to the past is not defined by it. "Rootstock" is an album born from that melting pot.

Coming sometime in April 2018

Review taken from http://stonerking1.blogspot.com

Listen to Crypt Trip at https://crypttrip.bandcamp.com/

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